Who are Supergrass?
Supergrass are a band formed in 1994 in Oxford (UK) by 4 friends, Gaz Coombes, Mick Quinn, Danny Goffey and Rob Coombes.
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What does "Supergrass" mean?
The name Supergrass can mean a number of things, it's a slang term for a police informant and also can refer to a type of drug, although neither of these are believed to be the true meaning of Supergrass's name. The band were originally known as "Theodore Supergrass" and was going to be fronted by a cartoon character named Theodore Supergrass, however due to the prohibative costs of creating the animations required, this idea was dropped, along with the name of Theodore from the band's name.
Which record label are Supergrass signed to?
In the UK, Supergrass are signed to the Parlophone label, which is part of the EMI Group of companies.
In the US, Supergrass have been with Island/Def Jam Records for the latest two albums, but were with Capitol Records for their first two albums.
In the rest of the world, local offices of EMI Music release Supergrass records.
What happened before Supergrass?
Before Supergrass, both Gaz and Danny were in a band called "The Jennifers". Signed to Nude Records, they released a single, "Just Got Back Today", in 1992. The other members of the band were bassist Andy Davies and Nick Goffey (Danny's brother).
Danny also recalls being in a band at school called "The Fallopian Tubes" and writing such songs as "My Wife Shut My Gonads In the Door".
When is the next Supergrass album/single due out?
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If there is no date, a date has not yet been set for the next release.
When will Supergrass be touring near me?
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Is there a live Supergrass album available?
At the moment there isn't a separate live album available, the first pressing of the US version of Supergrass Is 10 featured a 12-track live bonus CD.

In 2002, Parlophone released a promo-only live album following the successful October tour. You may be able to find this on ebay or through independant record stores.

Live versions of several songs have also been released as b-sides to singles over the years.
Can I buy all the Supergrass videos?
Yes you can. Well, most of them, anyway. The Supergrass Is 10 DVD released in 2004 contained all-but-one of Supergrass's videos, along with a fantastic documentary charting the first 10 years of Supergrass.
Moving video missing from enhanced "Supergrass" CD...
Even though the sticker on the enhanced-CD version of the "Supergrass" album states that the "Moving" video is on the CD (along with "Time" and "Caught By The Fuzz"), unfortunately it's not. Supergrass changed their minds at the last minute and decided not to include the "Moving" video and, due to a little mix-up, the wrong labels were put on the covers. The person responsible has been forced to eat all of the correct stickers as punishment.
Is "Caught By The Fuzz" based on a real event?
Yes, the lyrics of "Caught By The Fuzz" are based on one night when Gaz was only 15 when he was caught by the police in possession of a controlled substance.
Isn't there a Steven Spielberg connection?
It's true! After seeing their video for "Alright" back in 1995, Steven Spielburg was interested in creating a TV show about the lives of Supergrass. Reports around the time likened the show to that of The Monkees in the 60s.
Supergrass refused the offer as they wanted to concentrate on writing their second album.
What does "I Should Coco" mean?
Supergrass say there isn't a meaning behind it, although taken as cockney rhyming slang, it means "I Should Say So". And I do.
Who writes the songs?
Each member of Supergrass usually writes separately, then later they show each other what they've got and work together to pick out the best bits and put them all together.
Why is Richard III called Richard III?
The name comes from the band giving their songs working titles, or pet names like 'George' or 'Miriam', while they're working on them.
Richard III stuck because of the reference to Shakespeare's Richard III, a very dark play with the 'Winter of discontent', etc. and Jonny Rotten's persona is often compared to him.