The Reader Review
Pfefferberg, Berlin, Germany - 28 October 1999

After German newcomers "Readymade" had opened the night with a nice half poppy half shoegazy little set of about 30 minutes, Supergrass finally kicked in with the huge "Richard III" - and within seconds the whole Pfefferberg, usually used for World Music events, became a bloody mess - which wouldn´t decline when the three guys let "Strange Ones" follow. Even after those first two songs it was quite obvious this evening wouldn´t leave anybody who came unsatisfied: You want to dance? Enter the pit! - You just want to listen to the music? Enjoy tonight´s fantastic sound quality and find Supergrass at their technically best level ever! - You want to have a good laugh? Listen to Gazzy talking trash about his guitars or amps breaking down! The show went on stuffed with hits - unbelievable on what great amount of classics to the indie scene. May it be their latest singles "Moving" and "Mary", which came along most unbelievably powerful, that are played up and down in Berlin´s (and probably Europe´s) indie clubs and radio stations, may it be the fresh and freaky impudence of their early hits "Strange Ones" or "Alright", or may it be the heavy rocking steamers from "In It For The Money", "Going Out" or "Sun Hits The Sky", which was the definite highlight of tonight´s show and concluded the main set. After minutes of ovations, the guys returned to bring to an end the show as fantastically as they had opened it almost 90 minutes before. "Pumping On Your Stereo" definitely is a modern classic, and with "Caught By The Fuzz" played in a long and Schrammeln ensembled version, Supergrass left people at the Pfefferberg one lump of sweat, beers and ecstasy. That night Supergrass had shown they were still at the top of the indie rocking world, even though the enormous mass of smash hits and the band´s routine in playing at times made you believe you were at a Stones concert - one from the Seventies, that is...

Spaceman Friedrich Reip - 31 October 1999