The Reader Review
Pumping On Your Stereo

It is the basic simplicity of this track which makes it such an 'easy to listen to' classic. The track, as a part of the album, seems so out of place, as it contrasts the very emotional and bitter side of 'Supergrass'. Out of place perhaps, but an undeniable classic; titled rather appropriately, the song excels when played at a loud volume. The very point at which the band begin to thrash the tune out of their instruments stands as a holding point for a listeners attention, and this fact is interesting considering the lack of any true variation in either lyrics or notation.
An interesting discovery for a listener comes when you find that the word 'pumping' has been strangely replaced with 'humping', at which point images of disastrous electrocutions through bodily fluids haze into painful view. Proof of this alteration of the lyrics comes from watching the band perform the song, as it is possible to see that no use of a 'p' is evident in the lips of either singer. Even the official web site fails to include the true version of the song's lyrics!
What's so horribly rude about a shag on top of your Sony midi-system?

Steve Harrison - 25 September 1999