The Reader Review
Radio 1, BBC Studio 3, Maida Vale, London - 20 September 1999

Totally unexpected, I was one of the lucky winners in the Internet-competition to join Supergrass at the BBC radio studio for a short gig.
I hurried to arrange things and after 11 hours travelling by coach and a few hours spent in the city, I met Dave Wilcox and Dave Nattriss (Mansun webmaster) at the main entrance and we went off to a nearby pub to have a drink and a chat.
It was really great to finally meet each other and, although I was tired and suffering from a bad cold, we got to know each other a bit better.
Later on, we were joined by Anthony from Parlophone and two girls whose name I'm in the embarrassing circumstances to have forgotten.
After chatting a bit, Danny suddenly arrived at the pub with some friends. They sat at another table and we decided not to spur at them like crazy, as they needed some time for themselves as well. Some time later we left for the studio again and as I went out, I passed the door over to... Danny, who also went back! Being too old to start screaming or even fainting, I just nodded and went on.

The guestlists were checked and when the audience arrived in the small, but cosy studio, beer was handed out to us by friends of the band. Danny lent a hand, screaming something about us not drinking enough, leaving them with all that beer!
After about 20 minutes or so the band hit the stage and a quite talkative Danny wondered; "What are you doing here?". Then the band started the gig with 'Pumping On Your Stereo', which was truly well played. Then they ran into one of my favorite tracks from their third album, 'Mary', followed by 'Out Of The Blue', a great song, that definitely should be used as a B-side. Then it was on to 'Mansize Rooster' from 'I Should Coco', still sounding as it was a new song. 'Moving', their current single was also on the setlist, followed by another fave of mine, 'Strange Ones'. 'Richard III' was one of the highlights in my opinion, complete with some playful pogo, flying mobile phones and even a stage-dive! (imagine that with a 2 foot stage and around 85 people!). The guy got a beer from Danny, but didn't catch it, leaving him standing on stage looking quite puzzled for a moment.
'Late In The Day' drew the attention back to playing, as well as a superb version of 'Faraway'. 'Sun Hits The Sky' had a false start, but went on greatly, flowing into 'Going Out', another favourite of both the audience and myself. Usual showstopper was raunching 'Caught By the Fuzz', after which the band went off for an interview (I think) and rumours circulated about an encore, which didn't come, but Danny started handing out autographs and later on left through the same exit we used.

Suffering from cramps due to exhaustion (75 minutes of sleep in little over 34 hours of activity and travelling), but glad to have done it, I said goodbye to the girls, the Daves, Anthony and Christiaan from the Supergrass fanclub and went off for a bite and a good night's sleep!
I loved being among British audience for a change! I loved the way they behaved, despite not being too sober occasionally! But I felt that most of the people were a bit tame. But this could very much being caused by travelling-exhaustion, like I had myself! But the gig was truly a great one. It's topping my list of "most memorable gig", leaving number 2 (which happens to be 'PUSA' and 'Supergrass' at 'Paradiso', Amsterdam in 95) far beyond!
A huge "Thank You" to the fanclub wouldn't be out of place I guess!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 24 September 1999