The Reader Review
V99, Weston Park, Staffordshire - 22 August 1999

We waited patiently, enduring the bottle aiming contest that was Mel C just so that we had time to get to the front for the 'Grass, on next. But whats this, Kula Shaker? A joke surely? No it wasn't.
They were here to fill the boots of Placebo who had pulled out. And, quite rightly so, the 'Grass had been moved up one on the pecking order, now playing after Kula Shaker. I'm delighted because it means that they get an extra 10 minutes, but next time would you mind telling us first.

On with the show and they finally kick off about 70 minutes later with a gorgeous quartet from 'I Should Coco'; 'Lenny',' Strange Ones', 'Mansize Rooster' and 'Lose it'. At least that's what I remember, I spent half the time facing the wrong way thanks to 'sardine-like conditions' in the 'Pit' as I call it.

Then come the new songs, 'Mary' drifts along merrily and Danny enjoys a deserved smoke during the acoustic and mellow opening to 'Moving'. We are also treated to two great new songs; 'Faraway' and 'Out of the Blue', both very upbeat and typical Supergrass. Which leaves me in more confusion as to why the latter of the two is not on the new album, I liked it a lot.

Time for some more hits. 'Richard III' causes crowd integrity to collapse, I'm in the heap of bodies for nearly a minute before I get up. 'Sun Hits The Sky' does likewise elsewhere before 'Late In The Day' allows me to catch a breather, thank god. Then the bouncing starts again as we all sing along to 'Humping On Your Stereo' as it should be known. Rob signals the start of 'Going Out' with its trademark organ intro. I'm knackered, give me a break boys. No chance.

The show concludes with 'Caught By The Fuzz' as always. People have been shouting for this song for the last half an hour and Gaz jokes about how its 'Not in the script'. Who's he kidding.
The weekends biggest session of crowd surfing ensues and I feel every bit of it. Then its all over.
But where was 'Alright', you always play that. Oh well, it would have been the icing on the cake but as it was, the cake tasted fantastic without it.

James O'Keefe - 23 August 1999