The Reader Review
Rockpalast Christmas Special, Dusseldorf, Germany
18 December 1999

After a band-filled day at the 'Christmas Special' festival, 'Supergrass' hit the stage around 20:30. The festival had some technical difficulties and the lights in the hall were a bit too bright in my opinion, but it was the moment I've been waiting for!
'Richard III' was the surprising opener of this gig, which I thought was a bit of a waste of such a good song! It sort of drowned in the atmosphere, even though it was very well performed. Then the set took off greatly with oldies 'Strange Ones' and 'Mansize Rooster'. Then followed a nice performance of 'Jesus Came From Outta Space', which insiders rumour to become the next single. Great to hear this track live at last! All time favourite (judging the audience) 'Alright' was on next, followed by a good version of current single 'Mary' and predecessor 'Moving'. The next songs came from 'In It For The Money' and sounded as okay as usual: 'Late In The Day' and 'It's Not Me'. The party continued with 'Pumping On Your Stereo', a sparkling performance of 'Lose It' and one of my definite favourites, 'Faraway'. Then three songs slipping into another to conclude the great gig: 'Sun Hits The Sky', 'Going Out' and 'Caught By The Fuzz'.
Then we went off home again and arrived just in time to watch the TV-programme on German TV, which we shouldn't have done! It was the worst sound quality ever in my opninion! Really destroying the great memories I had of the past evening! They'd better remix it for the 30/1/2000 rerun!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 09 November 1999