The Reader Review
The Melkweg, Amsterdam - 16 August 1999

The doors were open at 20.15 and the GREAT support-act Paddington, a rock band from The Netherlands, opened the show at 21.00.
After 9 great songs (2 with a great female-singer), Supergrass burst into a great version of (surprise) 'Lenny'!
I was so close to them (I could even touch them if I wanted...) that I could see the setlist. They were to have opened with 'Richard III', but changed that to 'Lenny'. After 'Lenny', 'Strange Ones' rocked in!!!
Then Gaz welcomed us and said that it was great to be back in Amsterdam again.
After that, Danny started with the drums of 'Mansize Rooster'. Then two GREAT new songs followed: 'Mary', and the new single 'Moving'. After that the crowd went crazy hearing the honky-piano of... 'Alright'. 'Richard III', 'Late In The Day', 'Lose It' (No, they didn't play 'I'd Like To Know'!!!), the new ones 'Out Of The Blue' and 'Faraway', 'Pumping On Your Stereo', 'Sun Hits The Sky' and 'Going Out' totally ROCKED!!! Then they were gone and the crazy audience screamed for more.
They came back and did a wonderfull version of 'It's Not Me' (with Mickey and Bob doing keyboards) and after that, the highlight of that evening, 'Caught By The Fuzz' (written as 'Fuzz' on the setlist), with of course Danny again on drums!!!
Then it was over, or... NOT!!!
After the show we waited for half an hour and then saw Gaz, Mickey and Bob!!!
They signed both of my album-sleeves and my girlfriend is on a photo with Gaz!
When we asked: Where is Danny, Gaz said: He's blown away! (???)
I also bought a T-shirt and took a lot of (very good) pictures!
It was one of the best evenings of my life and I hope to see them live again very soon!

Marcel Wentink - 20 August 1999