The Reader Review

Mary (4:00)
The great new single, with it's Motownish organ and it's heavy rocking guitars. Very subtle track, as we can find on the Supergrass' album.

Sun Hits The Sky (Live at Peel Acres) (4:46)
Pumping On Your Stereo (Live at Peel Acres) (3:12)
Strange Ones (Live at Peel Acres) (3:58)
The superb live-versions as played on september 12th from John Peel's back garden live on BBC Radio One'. Includes a very relaxed version of Pumping On Your Stereo', with some great guitarlines!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 19 November 1999
'Going Underground'/RTV Gouwestad

7" Version

On a surprisingly rare occasion the ordered vinyl 7" of 'Mary' got delivered here in Holland, so I'm able to give a very brief review of it:

The cover is the same as CDS No 1, with the 'Angel' on front and the purple photo on the back. The vinyl itself is great! Incredibly awful looking silver, which looks far worse than the golden version of 'Late In The Day' which I took home during my short trip to London to attend 'Lamacq Live', of which a track is on the B-side of this 7".

The single-version as available on both CDS and CD. Still that same magic every time I hear it!

Mary (Lamacq Live)
Great to have a recording of a gig I attended on official vinyl! It was a very good performance, which is very well audible on this record. Slightly remixed from the original broadcast, the soundbalance is a bit better (not critisizing the BBC-technician: I know how hard it is to mix live on the spot!!) A Hell of a job occasionally!) and the audience-noises are mixed down a bit at the start. A very good 'relic' from a great gig! Very nice!!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 20 December 1999
'Going Underground'/RTV Gouwestad