The Reader Review
Rokeriet, Bergen, Norway - 17 October 1999

Supergrass kicked of their European tour in Bergen, Norway, and what a way to start it. At exactly 10.00pm the band entered the stage playing "Strange Ones". The crowd went absolutely wild. It's not often such a big act as Supergrass visit this part of Norway. In the last 5 years Suede, Teenage Fanclub, Ash and Mogwai have visited this beautiful city by the sea.
Anyway, Supergrass continued with some of their best tunes including "Mary", "Alright", "Jesus Came From Outta Space" and one of the highlights of the show; "Faraway". In the middle of the set "Moving" set the standard of the pace for the next couple of songs by putting the pace and intensity down a bit. Four or five rather slow songs followed including "Late In The Day" before the big final. "Richard III", "Going Out" and "Sun Hits The Sky" amongst other great rock tunes progressed and made the show complete. The not so small crowd of 700 (the biggest concert scene in Bergen) went mad and screamed for more.
Gaz & Co. left the stage only to return within a minute. "Pumping On Your Stereo" and "Caught By The Fuzz" concluded this superb demonstration of rock.

Rock - 18 October 1999