The Reader Review
London, Shepherd's Bush Empire - 13 May 1999

After two fairly slow moving support bands (Medal and Straw) the crowd were itching to jump around, and they promptly did so as Supergrass launched into a stunning Richard III. At the end of the song I crowd surfed from quite far back, and so spent the majority of the next two new songs (Mary and Out Of The Blue) trying to get back to the front. Both sounded great, but were soon forgotten as I'd Like To Know started, to a massive cheer from the crowd. Again the mosh pit went mad, but we were soon calmed down and mellowed out by Late In The Day.
New single Pumping On Your Stereo was next, and was quickly followed by Sun Hits The Sky, complete with widdly keyboard solo. Later on single-to-be Moving sounded much more experimentational than any other Supergrass songs, and Going Out, Lenny and Strange Ones wrapped up the set. The band came back on to much applause and Gaz started the encore with It's Not Me. I couldn't see exactly what the other two were doing, but they seemed to both be playing keyboards. It was great to hear the song live because it's somewhat of a hidden treasure on the album. To cap the night off it could only be Caught By The Fuzz, as the crowd found one last surge of energy to mosh like mad.
It was a great gig, but there were a lot of songs that I would've liked to of heard that they didn't play. It's being shown on MTV on May 21, so look out for me!

Graham Pembrey - 17 May 1999