The Reader Review
London, The Forum - 12 October 1999

Well, this was it. The end of the tour for Supergrass. Having played the previous night at the same venue, they were now once again playing to a full house, but for the last time on this tour. To be honest, their support were shit, no more can be said about 'Add N to X'. They were simply trying to be Apollo 440, but weren't. They were finally booed off stage at about 8:45, leaving men rushing around the stage to set up for Supergrass. We waited. Then, at 9:25, the lights went out, and we knew what was coming. In the dark you could see men appearing on stage, and crowd began to cheer. Mr Coombes put a guitar around his shoulders, and positioned himself at the microphone. Just a few lights shone behind him, and he started what was to be an amazing set. 'Moving, just keep moving'......... the quiet beginning lasting about a minute.... then it arrived.... 'I've got a low low feeling around me, and a stone cold feelin' inside'.... the stage lit up, purple, yellow and white lights glowing everywhere.... there they were.... Supergrass had arrived... Gaz Coombes on guitar just in front of me, Mick Quinn on bass to my right on the stage, Rob Coombes on keyboard just behind him, and Dan Goffey on drums in the middle. Old favourites were to follow in the form of Mansize Rooster and Lose It. Then another new song, Mary, but with the slightly amended words - 'I got a girl and her name is Mary, I like to fuck her on a basis daily'. Then more favourites. The crowd pleaser Alright, followed by Strange Ones and Richard III. Out Of The Blue, It's Not Me and then Time followed. Another pleaser in Late in the Day was followed by Cheapskate. New song Jesus Came From Outta Space came next, and was then followed by Faraway, which turned out to be a superb song live, sending the crowd wild. Sun Hits the Sky was then followed by another old favorite, Going Out. The band then put down their instrument, and left the stage. We knew it wasn't over. The crowd then started singing 'Can you hear us pumping on your stereo'. Hands were clapping, feet were stamping, and after a few a minutes, Gaz and Co returned to rapturous applause. To this, Gaz went up to the microphone and shouted, 'you want some more, do you'. To this, the crowd went mad, and the band positioned themselves. Gaz then went into their finale...... 'Can you hear us, humpin' on you stereo, can you hear us, humpin' on you stereo'. The crowd are bopping up and down, the song finishes, and the band members all surround the drum kit, and have a few words together. Dan Goffey then hits his drum sticks together - "one, two, one two three four.............. Caught by the fuzz, well I was, still on the buzz"

Supergrass had been on the buzz all night.

David Fineberg - 15 October 1999