The Reader Review
Glasgow, Barrowlands - 08 May 1999

Setlist: Richard III/Mary/Out Of The Blue/I'd Like To Know/Late In The Day/Mansize Rooster/Moving/Alright/Jesus Came From Outer Space/Sun Hits The Sky/Pumping (On Your Stereo)/Going Out/Strange Ones/Lenny/
Encore: It's Not Me/Caught By The Fuzz

The concert was wonderful of course and by the looks on their faces they enjoyed it too. Pure raw energy from them all and they sound so tight and the crowd went mad which made it even better. I don't think I've seen or heard such energy and professionally played music since I saw The Jam at Glasgow Apollo in 1981. If there is anyone who misses them this year and doesn't get a chance to hear the new songs, I wouldn't worry - be patient and wait for the album, it's going to be great!
I tried to get a word with Michael, the tour manager, but I just missed him for a set list so thanks to the sound guy for letting me scribble down the 'new' titles.
All the songs went down well and the crowd sang along to the usual bits - all the 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' etc. in the songs and apart from the select few who were upside down, I think we even got the words correct!
I would've loved to have met them and had a chat with them for the site but maybe next time! I just hope if they play Glasgow in September, it's not when I'm on holiday!
Thanks for reading this and thanks to Supergrass for yet another great gig.

Graeme Boyd - 13 May 1999