The Reader Review
'2 Meter Session', Melkweg, Amsterdam
29 October 1999

Early in the morning, the band arrived at 'The Melkweg' to record a session for the Radio/TV program '2 Meter Sessions'. According to reports (as no audience was allowed in), the crew and band quickly, but thoroughly, built up the set and started playing.
They played (amongst others) the following songs:
Moving: A good, slightly routine version of the single.
Mary: Another fine performance of their current single. Also slightly routine, but not affecting the performance.
Richard III: A somewhat hasty version of one of their hardest rocking tracks from '97, which is one of two songs in this session which weren't of superb recording quality. But what a performance!
Jesus Came From Outta Space: A great performance of this album track, somewhere tipped as being their forthcoming single! A lovely version.
Born Again: In my opinion the best track of this session! A superb version of the album track, which might even sound better than the original. Great duo vocals and very well performed and recorded. Now I can die without remorse...
Faraway: Another favourite of mine. Well played, but alas not the best of recording quality. But on the other hand: I've heard and seen so many performaces of 'Supergrass' lately, that it's almost impossible to think of every performance as 'Utterely brilliant', which (of course) they are!

The session will be broadcasted on Dutch commercial channel RTL 5 (available via satellite) on Thursday January 13th between 22:45-23:20 (21:45-22:30 GMT). Never mind the presenter Jan Douwe Kroeske, just watch the lads and enjoy!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 10 January 2000