The Reader Review
Music Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands - 08 November 1999

AAAAAH, No Danny!!! AAAAAH, way too short!!!

This was a great gig, but as you can see, there were two things that sort of brought it down (but only a little): first, Danny wasn't there to give us a slice of his 'animal-drumming'-stylee, although his replacement, I think his name was Vinnie, was quite good. Second, because the gig was so great, it was a shame that it sort of lacked in longevity. Well, let's have a quick run-thru of the goings on, shall we:

Around 21:30, the band kicked off with 'Moving'. One thing became clear right away, which was that the sound was excellent; I don't think I've ever been to a concert where I could understand the lyrics word for word, but here I could. Gaz was in particulary good form, his voice was clear and very, er, moving. As you all know, the song starts slow, so when the first chorus set in, everybody started jumping up and down like crazy, which was great. After this, the Supes played a whole bunch of their more bouncy tunes, including 'Mansize Rooster', 'Lose It' and 'Alright'. From the new record they played the wonderful new single 'Mary' (seen the video yet? Bloody brilliant eh?) , 'Jesus Came From Outta Space' and slowed things down a bit with the hypnotic 'Born Again'. From the second record they played 'Richard III', 'Late In The Day', 'Going Out' and 'Sun Hits The Sky'. There was also a great moment, and a chance for everyone to catch their breath after all that jumping around, when Gaz played 'It's Not Me'. And hey, they even played a new song! I couldn't quite make out the title, but I sounded great, a bit like 'G-Song', one of my personal favourites, which they unfortunaly didn't play.
After about an hour, they stopped playing, but everyone sort of knew they would be back. And after some stomping of feet, they did. "So you want some more?" asked Gaz, after which they continued with 'P/Humping On Your Stereo', followed by 'Caught By The Fuzz'. And then they stopped again, but this time, they didn't come back. The lights went up and that was it. End of the show. A bit disappointing that was.
I didn't want it to end, it was such an excellent gig. Short but very, very sweet!

Reint Schölvinck - 09 November 1999