The Reader Review
The Terminal, Oxford Brookes University, 08 May 1999

Supergrass came on at 9:50, and immediately launched into the grunge-punk fuelled riot of Richard III. I was about 5 rows from the front and the whole place was packed - the moshpit was the size of the whole venue. The boys then changed direction - introducing their new song, Mary - the crowd were still going crazy.. and gave this song a great response.

Next came Out Of The Blue, first played at Reading 98... although I'd not heard it before, it gave you an idea of the 'Grass's new direction... GLAM-tastic it was.

I'd Like To Know followed.. with inevitable wild crowd surfing.. and then it all mellowed for a minute as Gaz sung the opening to Late In The Day.

The new single was then announced; Pumping On Your Stereo.. started off slow but quickly got up to speed and the whole place went mental again, endless moshing continued through Sun Hits The Sky and the new tune, Jesus Came From Outer Space, which had some wicked alternating lead vocals from Gaz and Micky.

The next one needed no intro apart from Bob on keyboards.. yep it was the chirpy geezer pop anthem, Alright. My fave tune of the night followed.. in the form of a speed crazed version of Mansize Rooster. Bloody marvellous backing vox from Micky.. sounding like a baby being spanked.

The forthcoming summer single followed; Moving and then the crowd pleasers, Going Out, with it's tremendous Hammond solo, Strange Ones, and Lenny wrapped up an excellent and pretty varied set.

Of course there was still the encore to go.. Danny took time out as Gaz, Micky and Bob performed a startling It's Not Me, with Gaz on acoustic and Micky and Bob on organs.

Danny re-emerged for the last one... Caught By The Fuzz... the whole place erupted with pints of lager, shoes, jackets and the odd punter been chucked all over the shop!

What a gig...70 minutes of absolute mayhem... wicked! I'd have liked to have heard Cheapskate, In It For The Money or We Still Need More..., the last US single.. but it didn't matter... I managed to get Gaz, Bob and Danny's sigs afterwards.. while the boys then headed off to the Zodiac.

Simon Allen - 09 May 1999