The Reader Review
In It For The Money

For anyone new to Supergrass, I thought I'd review their second album, and hopefully tempt people into buying it, especially as I've seen it for as little as 6.99 here in England.

Critically acclaimed at the time, this album really should have propelled Supergrass to the level of Oasis and Blur as one of the countries most loved bands. However, without the press antics of the aforementioned bands, Supergrass seemed happy to play themselves down and concentrate on the music. In fact, aside from Danny's road rage incident, there has never been much else to talk about interviews, and the 'Grass seem to like it that way.

So what did '97's album bring with it...? For a start there was the excellent cover shot, a truckload of tunes, and a dodgy photocopied picture behind the cd. Not to mention a suspiciously Marajuana-like plant on the inlay..

In It For The Money
A brooding start, with Rob Coombes rumbling keyboards announcing that this is gonna be a more sophisticated Supergrass sound. Really rocking, great horn section, kinda reminiscent of Sgt.Pepper's lead track, in that it works well as a title track for the album rather than as a song in it's own right. The track ends in unexpected fashion, sounding like it has been unplugged mid-flow. Are Supergrass in experimental mode?

Richard IIIv Coming across like a happier Nirvana, this ROCKS! Done very well in the charts and gained them a few grunge fans. This is a very confident performance, and has a cool instrumental (Played the song in a band myself many a time).

Could have been a big hit. I think another single should have been released from this album, but I suppose the band didn't want to rip people off. Killer guitar riff, and great woo hoo's (they really paid off for Blur) and the middle eight sounds like it came straight from I Should Coco. Great song.

Late In The Day
Space Oddity? Starts nearly the same, though this is much better. Supergrass start to sound grown up, and then show us on the chorus they're still having fun. Great lyrics, great tune. Didn't do too well in the charts, possibly 'cos it's a bit long for a single. I think they should have released Tonight instead or Cheapskate, and left this as a classic album track.

Not the best song on the record, a bit bluesy, with some great instrumental work, notably Danny's cheeky drum fills and Gaz's screaming solo. I like the bit where the midget walks in.

Sun Hits The Sky
Sounds a little contrived in the verses, but a brilliant summer record, which filled my factory working day's with sunshine. The chorus is one of their best, with excellent lyrics and a real driving power. Grows on you more than the other tracks as a single. What a first side!

Going Out
Loved this to bits when it came out. I was expecting an album a bit sooner, as this was released early '96. So simple, the quirky keyboard, the childlike lyrics, it really is entrancing. Supergrass show their eagerness to experiment with the cool chord changes on the middle section. Still sounds fresh.

It's Not Me
This is a lovely song, very Beach Boys, and an indication of the sort of stuff on their next album. I should imagine it's all Gaz's work, and he sings it in style.

Disco! Wow, what a great little song! This too could have been a great single, though I suspect the band thought this might turn into another Alright, when they wanted a little bit more credibility. Still, this song is what pop music is all about, catchy, fun and short.

You Can See Me
My personal favorite. Nice lyrics, great music and an unorthodox chorus, that almost sounds like Nirvana meets the Beach Boys. What an album!

Hollow Little Reign
Nice title, this song is like a depressing wintery version of the laid back, summery Sofa (Of My Lethargy), except it's not as good. By no means a bad song, but it doesn't do much for me.

Sometimes I Make You Sad
This is what happens when drummers write songs. Completely bonkers song, which is more psychedelic than imaginable. It's totally unique, but I am glad it's the last song on the album. The cymbals are way cool though!

Summing up, this album really is the nuts. Apart from the title track, G-Song and the last two tracks it's perfect, and even those songs are still good. My major gripe is that Danny's suggestion of calling it "Dica and the Psychedelic Hiccoughs" was vetoed.

Ross Thomas - 09 November 1999