The Reader Review
Bad Blood

With no details known about the B-sides, 'Bad Blood' has been announced as teaser-single from upcoming 'Diamond Hoo Ha' album. Like other 'leaked' album tracks like 'Rough Knuckles' and both tracks from previous single, rumours about the new album being a lot more rocking than 'Road To Rouen' prove to be valid.
'Bad Blood' is a wonderful uptempo track with a driving rhythm that reminds me of QOTSA from a few years back. Bob's keyboards indeed fit the description of 'Mad Scientist', photographer Greg Allum gave me a few months ago. And as expected the studio versions show much more colour, warmth and depth than the available live renditions. Which makes me even more curious about the album!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 11 February 2008
'Going Underground'/RTV Gouwestad