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Thats Supergrass? That's the question many Supergrass fans may ask themselves after listening to their third and self-titled album. Yes, they have abandoned alot of their old sound and entered a whole new musical world, but they have made the transition so smoothly and so beautifully, as only they could. Some may be surprised to hear that this album, in my opinion, is their best yet. But you see, I'm an American. Yes, I have loved Supergrass from 'I Should Coco', and yes, I'm a huge brit-pop fan. But let's face it, Americans have their own taste of music that's different from any other country. And while Supergrass' first two albums were huge hits across the seas, their new album (yet to be released in the United States), although a disappointment to the usual Supergrass fans, may be the album that puts Supergrass on the map. Because, as horrible as it sounds, you haven't truly succeeded as a band until you're a hit in America. And although they have their underground fans like myself and others, they still haven't had that hit that will establish them as one of the elite. In fact, most Americans only remember Supergrass as that ugly band from that catchy video "Alright" played at the end of "Clueless" the 1995 film, staring Alicia Silverstone. They have certainly matured as a band with their new album, and they should continue to as they grow older and more musically wise. You know it's funny, I will continue to wish for Supergrass to have major success in American, and they will someday, but that will be the day that I have to face the facts that they're big now and they're no longer my little secret. But until they do mature completely and blow up, us true fans will have fun listening to a few musically immature fellas rock out like no others.

Song TitleRating 1-10Rank 1-12
As you may have read in my review of this single that I sent in a couple months ago, a great inspiring song. This is what good music is all about. However, for most fans it won't jump out and grab as anything more then just another great Supergrass song. But nevertheless magnificent as usual.

Your Love 7 9
Like many have said, sounding as if it was meant to pick up right from the end of "Sun Hits The Sky", this is one that won't necessary hook you, but will open up to many audiences as it has that type of laid back sulbime-like rock to it. Very nice.

What Went Wrong (In Your Head) 9 1
This is a great song that is well composed and although the lyrics make you wonder a bit, it's is catchy, and it does hang up there in your head all day after just one listen all the way through. Instant Favorite.

Beautiful People 8 4
Mick does a great job on lyrics here as the constant guitar riff will get caught in your head so much that you will get sick of listening to it in your head. But definetely future single material. Has a lot of potential.

Shotover Hill 9 3
Signs of maturity show up on this one a lot. Great theatrical sound, and almost all fans of any music should appreciate the solidness of this song. May not be their catchiest, but certainly one of their most well put together and produced songs.

Eon 7 10
Could have been a great hit, but takes far too long to get started. Although the opening sounds nice and the song slowly gets going, it sounds as if thats the way it was meant to be and thats the only way a song like that would be able to be pulled off and still be great. But still, very amazing song, but not single material.

Mary 7 8
Sort of creepy sounding song, matched with an even creepier video. After first listen I was disappointed to hear it was being released as a single, but it'll do alright, its growing on me.

Jesus Came From Outta Space 6 11
More of a song done for lyrical humour than anything else. Certainly not a horrible song, but at the same time, could have just been released as a funny B-Side and would have had the same effect as other B-sides they've released. (eg. Sex)

Pumping On Your Stereo 8 7
The first single from the album took me a while to be hooked, but now I am, and I think this could be big once the video is released on MTV in the United States. It has a very Bowie meets Rolling Stones meets Kent type sound too it. But heck, three great artists like that rolled into one can't be anything too far off of a masterpiece.

Born Again 6 12
Once again, takes a while to get started, although it doesnt sound awful at the beginning. This is probably my least favourite song on the album, although I find myself singing it in my head every once in a while at work, its a great song, which makes you see just how great this album is. There are no real duds to note of. Great album from top to bottom.

Faraway 8 5
This is one of my favourites. Although it starts off very depressing, even the beginning is so beatiful. Then, all of the sudden, it kicks into a 70's type rock that seems very familiar. It's so classic sounding that even though its obviously an original and sounds unlike any other song in the past, you will spend hours trying to think where you have heard that sound before. Classic material. Love it.

Mama & Papa 9 2
Personally, this is my favorite song on the album. Many will listen and relate to this song and smile and cry. A beautiful, wonderful, absolute masterpiece with Mick once again on the mic. A great closure to a great album. Supergrass, you've done it again. How you continue to amaze us with your greatness and unique style, we may never know. But for now, job well done.

Kyle Penrod - 07 November 1999