The Reader Review

Even though EMI Holland thinks local radio is too small to 'cause severe sales' (Isn't it Patrick?? Yeah, Right!!) and refuses to hand out promos to them, I've been able to borrow an official promo for a few days and tell you all about it:

MOVING (4:26):
The by now well-known song, which didn't sound different from the single. Great track!

YOUR LOVE (3.27):
A great rocksong, as we're used to hear from 'Supergrass'. With echoes from songs like 'Lenny', but more poppy! And with some beautiful organ lines by Rob. This song picks up, where 'Sun Hits The Sky' left us.

A piano-driven slower song, with great vocals and handclaps. Sounds like '20ft Halo'! Could be it's little brother actually! Nice one!

A nice, solid ballad. And isn't that Mick singing parts of the lead vocals?? Great track, which is definitely my candidate for a future single.

This lovely track starts off with backwards guitars and then turns into a psychedelic popsong, slightly dominated by acoustic guitars like the ones used by REM ('Losing My religion') and Led Zeppelin in the early 70s. With some lovely 'Kinks' influenced vocal-lines. Definitely to become one of my favourites!

EON (3:45):
Starts with the harmonium-like sounds of perfectly played & mixed electric guitar & organ, slowly building up to an easy rocksong which sounds like the best moments of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' and early Alice Cooper. This is already a great favorite of mine!

MARY (4:00):
Another great guitar rock song, which starts off quite soft & easy. It's a very subtle track with great guitarlines. Simply brilliant! Already announced as their third single. Temporarily release-date: Nov 1st. All I missed is the sharper edge they give the lyrics at gigs. Another favourite!

An uptempo, boogie-piano-driven 'Gospelpastiche' with great lyrics and a sampled dog's bark! Nice, cynical and again very subtle track, though the lyrics needs thorough listening. Another highlight!

Their great previous single, slightly remixed, but same ending. Not much different, but still great! Do they really sing 'Pumping'? Or 'Humping'?

Starts off with dark, moody cellos and guitarstrings being scraped, but soon turns into a light and psychedelic popsong, with additional violins and xylophone which sometimes gives it a taste of 'I Am The Wallrus' by 'The Beatles'. Great.

FARAWAY (5:05):
This great popsong starts off quite etherical, but soon evolves into a 70s-like track, with some great guitar riffs. It's far more open atmosphered than the acoustic version on the single 'Moving'. Delightful.

MAMA & PAPA (2:31):
After a false start, there comes an acoustic starting, romantic sounding song with Mick on vocals, which is a dignified closure to a surprising new album.

A very humorous phonecall about a 'Bathing Hat'. Where it is?? Figure out yourself!!

On the whole the CD sounds more mature than 'In It For The Money' and is definetely lighter atmosphered. Don't worry if you have second thoughts on it's first listen. It took me about 4 times to really discover the greatness of most of the tracks. And a score of 7 out of 12 tracks really okay and just two I'm not sure of, I'm sure I'm gonna buy this one as soon as it hits the shops!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 04 September 1999
'Going Underground'/RTV Gouwestad