The Reader Review
Manchester, Academy - 06 October 1999

After the support act had finished their set list of 'noise', Supergrass came on to much applause.
They kicked off the set with the new single 'Moving'. It got the crowd going mental, before 'Mansize Rooster'. They also played 'Strange Ones', 'Alright' and 'She's So Loose' from the first album (where was 'Lenny')
The best thing was that instead of playing all their new songs, they played all their best songs. This is no disrespect to the excellent new album, but they can't compete with 'Richard III', 'It's Not Me', 'Late In The Day', 'Sun Hits The Sky', the evergrowing list goes on, with new additions 'Mary', 'Jesus' and 'Faraway'.
The encores were excellent ('Pumping' fits a hell of a lot more with 'Caught By The Fuzz' than 'Born Again').
I was thrown out with the rush and got my hands on a 'Mansize Poster' (couldn't resist it), of the new album cover. Well done lads, I'll be at your next Manchester gig at the 'Manchester Evening News Arena'.

Sam Hutchinson - 15 October 1999