The Reader Review

'We are young, we run green, keep our teeth, nice and clean'. Those four lines are probably the most famous Supergrass have ever sung. And you can listen to that verse over and over again with the double A-Sided extravaganza known as 'Alright / Time'. Most people will probably buy this for the former title track. Possibly their most famous single, this rocketed to Number 2 in the charts of '95. Glorifying the days of being a young adult, it truly is a trademark song. The latter title track is another taken from their extremely sucessful debut album 'I Should Coco', and isn't as well known as 'Alright', but it's still a pretty groovy tune with a nice chorus. Another great track on this is 'Condition', a cover version originally written by Mickey Newbury. The final track is a very relaxing, short instrumental called 'Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre', which translates to 'I Am Your Sugar Daddy'. Interesting.


1. Alright-Supergrass' most famous track, with a groovy instrumental about half-way through.

2. Time-Overshadowed by 'Alright', but still a damn good song.

3. Condition-An excellent cover, funky and jumpy.

4. Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre-A nice, relaxing instrumental.


This is an absolute must. Four fantastic tracks and ten minutes of jumping around.


Josef Walters - 11 July 2005