The Reader Review
Mansize Rooster

Supergrass' debut single 'Caught By The Fuzz', was an impressive effort. With a good tune and lyrics that told you a story, it would have been hard for them to top it. But, lo and behold, a few months later they brought out 'Mansize Rooster'. It retains the catchy tunes of 'Caught By The Fuzz' but adds to it. A fast drum beat, a much groovier and easier-going tune, and the lyrics, (whilst they don't tell you a story, like 'Caught By The Fuzz') are nice. It's all fixed together well, and it's worth just buying the single for the title track, but of course, the B-Sides are incredible, which adds to the value! 'Sitting Up Straight' is by far one of their best, a super-fast rock tune no-one can get out of their head, and 'Odd?' is a strange novelty that kind of freaks me out. Kind of.


1. Mansize Rooster
The title track, combining a groovy tune with the best of 'Caught By The Fuzz'.

2. Sitting Up Straight
Incredibly fast and catchy, with a fantastic hyped-up ending. Incredible.

3. Odd?
Slows down the pace, with a nice chorus. If you hear the song, check out the ending. It has bubble-blowing, the lyrics 'I know all sorts of things' repeated in a ghostly voice, and see if you can catch that subtle 'Bye bye!' at the end.


If you thought 'Caught By The Fuzz' wouldn't be topped for ages, you were wrong. A fantastic single and great B-Sides. What more could you ask for?

Josef Walters - 09 July 2005