The Reader Review

What can you say other then, wow! After a somewhat disappointing first single, "Pumping on your Stereo", a lot of long time listeners of Supergrass, even though they'll never admit it, were probably let down a little, and weren't expecting anything too special out of their upcoming album. But the album's second single, "Moving", will give all those fans reason to believe that this new album may be very special after all. Not that "Pumping" was not a great single itself, but it just didn't have that usual 'Supergrass single' type of sound to it. But have no fear, "Moving" brings you back to the good old days. Quite possibly the most beatiful song I have ever heard by Supergrass, this is a sure hit. Not only does Gaz's voice (which sounds excellent on this song) hook you immediately, but the lyrics are top notch. This song does not take long to crawl up in your head and leave you silently singing it to yourself for hours on end. I myself, being a long time Supergrass fan, heard 'Pumping' in June and thought to myself, "Good song, I cant wait for the album to come out". But now, after hearing 'Moving', my feelings have changed to "Excellent song, I must have the new album, immediately!" So, to all you other Supergrass fans out there, I suggest you pick this single up immediately and become one of the lucky ones to be beautifully brainwashed by the latest Supergrass hit. If you don't, and you end up being one of the few left out people without this single, then don't say I didnt warn you! Of all the singles I have heard by Supergrass, I feel this one has the best chance yet to put Supergrass on the map in America.

Kyle Penrod - 04 August 1999