The Reader Review
VRT Marconi Studio, Brussels, Begium, 24 June 2004

A commercial on the radio aroused my interest: "Do you want to see Supergrass live from a distance of 2 metres?" Of course I would! I'd been dreaming about this for six years so I grabbed the phone. The line was busy the first day, but the second day I won the prize!

Too bad I had to concentrate on my exams but, before I knew it, I was sat in the car on the way to Brussels. Once in the Marconi studio, I was surprised by the intimate atmosphere, only 100 hundred fans were allowed to attend this session and I was one of them!

The stage wasnít high and it was possible to stand right before it. I chose a nice place in the front and waited. After some sound checking presenter Jan Sprengers came on stage with some useful information. It wasnít allowed to smoke, but you could drink as much as you wanted. Thatís promising! Everything would also be filmed to make a dvd. The camera crew took their equipment and Ďsnapí, there was the group. Gaz greeted us and the party began. Mick was right in front of me. Gaz was standing on my left side and Danny sat between them. Rob was on my right, a bit hidden away in a dark corner. They were so nearby that I wanted to jump on the stage myself!

Supergrass took off with LENNY and RICHARD III. This was followed by LOSE IT, RUSH HOUR SOUL and STRANGE ONES. The sound was all right and the room heated up. Gaz apologized with a "Itís getting hot in here" for his sweat gushed from his face.

Two high chairs were installed, while Danny disappeared off the stage and Gaz and Mick took their acoustic guitars. Someone shouted "Moving!". Gaz gave a short answer: "No... well maybe later..." They played the single CAUGHT BY THE FUZZ. Afterwards, Gaz said: "Mick, I feel so far away from you." He didnít say this because of the distance between them, but also to announce the next song LATE IN THE DAY.

After this Ďresting spotí, they went full speed ahead again. Gaz played the song MOVING with all his feeling. Danny drummed like never before and Mick and Rob gave their best. The light show made it complete. Right before Gaz started the song, he said something like "My voice is always freaking out on this one". Donít know why, because it sounded beautifull!

SUN HITS THE SKY was the last song. Gaz said "thank you" and "merci". There was a little bit time to shake hands. Gaz pressed his plectrum into my friendís hand, and off they were. The public applauded and shouted, but they didnít came back.

Yet Iím very satisfied. Supergrass has played one whole hour and the music was gorgeous. If only that camera man didnít jump in my sight, I would have enjoyed it even more!

Thanks to Studio Brussel!

Sophie Pollentier - 24 June 2004