The Reader Review
Kiss Of Life

Warm-up single for next months release of 'Supergrass is 10', is new song 'Kiss Of Life'.
This track shows the ever evolving musical path 'Supergrass' has been walking over the last ten years is clearly not a dead end! Starting off with small percussion, the song slips into a real funky treat. Touches of Prince drift along, without transforming the sound into a clone. It just stays 'Supergrass' all the way.
The vocals tend to remind a little of 'Mysterious Ways' by U2, due to the studio-effects and melody used. When the guitar joins it, it gets solid, but still relaxed, like the solo-part near the end of 'Mary'. Making this another possible dance-floor hit.

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 07 May 2004
'Going Underground'/RTV Gouwestad