The Reader Review
Supergrass Is 10

'Best Of' albums always tend to go in one of two directions: they're either truly great, or they contain some great tracks to spice up a collection of not too good and long forgotten album-tracks.
'Supergrass is 10' definitely joins the first category, as it bundles all released singles with a B-side (Wait For The Sun), one album track (It's Not Me) and two new tracks, among which is the forthcoming new single 'Kiss Of Life'.
This collection clearly shows the wide range of musical styles the band is taking it's inspirations from, without focusing too much on a certain period.
The subtitle 'Best Of' doesn't quite fit the contents, as the band decided not to include some truly great 'album-only' tracks on this disc, like 'Faraway' from 1999 release 'Supergrass'. Wisely, because they would have skipped well-known songs to create room, or presenting a 2-CD version, which would be a true overdose, damaging the quality of the musical range displayed here.
A real surprise is this album-only track 'Bullet', a mid-tempo rocker with loads of backward sounds and echoes, creating a touch of psychedelic somewhere in the background. It's a great track, sounding very unlike 'Supergrass', but also very LIKE 'Supergrass' as well! It's hard to define this track, but I'm sure I'm gonna love it in the end!
New single 'Kiss of Life' shows the band from a new, quite funky side. The percusion-driven start evolves into a swinging pop/rock song with clear funky touches we know too well from Prince in the late 80s, early 90s. But no, it's definetely NOT a copy of the little man from Minneapolis. It's truly 'Supergrass' we're hearing, with Gaz singing a bit like Bono did in 'Mysterious Ways', thanks to the flanging sounds surrounding his vocals.
When guitars join it, it gets solid, but relaxed, like in 'Mary'. But funky it is!
This CD gives a great overall view on what 'Supergrass' was, is and in future probably will be, making the 'Best Of' undertitle true to it's last breath.
Congratulations! And what a treat!
But where does that additional noise on the intro of Richard III come from??

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 07 May 2004
'Going Underground'/RTV Gouwestad