The Reader Review
Goffert Park, Nijmegen, Holland, 01 July 2003

Billed as 'unique', the event which saw performances of 'Nada Surf', 'Supergrass', 'Coldplay' and 'Live' had somewhat 'unfortunate' weather conditions, to use a slight understatement.

On our way into the fenced part of the Goffeet Park in Nijmegen, we got our first treat of what the weathergods had planned for us: thunder and rain splashing down from the sky! After trying to keep as dry as possible and wandering around the area for a while, we found a spot on the right side of the stage, just behind the central area. Armed with a raincoat and umbrella's, we were ready.

Support-act 'Nada Surf' definetely proved why they'd never got further than only one miraculous hit: very regular popmusic, which was in predictable turns slow or fast. Nothing special though and they even skipped their momentum of fame, 'Popular'. Which made them stand in line between some of the not very disgusting support-acts. We instantly longed for the nov 99 support-act: 'Snow Patrol'! How great they were!

After 30 minutes to rebuilt the stage-set and dark clouds steadily crawling up from the trees behind us, our quiet spot became more and more crowded, which increased even more when Supergrass hit the stage.

With Gaz in smart suit again, opener ZA blasted off, to much of the audience enthusiasm. One of Mick's bass-strings got a little over-exited and snapped spontaneously, causing the least of delay, as SUN HITS THE SKY was the next song to come from the speakers. The projections on the videowalls and the overall impression showed a band not quite fit to play their very best. I had the idea the weather-conditions and the bad reception of 'Nada Surf' somewhat pressed moods on stage, as the band didn't really spark. Meanwhile both the audience and the dark rainclouds grew steadily.

Upcoming new single RUSH HOUR SOUL was on next, followed by LOSE IT, Gaz sung BRECON BEACONS and well-received MARY.

MOVING indeed made things move: the audience both dancing and gearing up for the inevitable water to pour down, the rain itself, which flooded down overwhelmingly big in volume, the monitor-system and effects, which had to be pushed backwards on stage because of the rain and not the least: the stage-crew, to keep things under control and as short-circuitless as possible.

The band in meantime played on and the enthusiasm of the audience because of that, sparked the lads to continue more energetic, making the gig better than at first impression could be expected. When the stage-crew started sweeping the rain off stage, Gaz gimmicked 'Introducing the Supergrass Sweepers', which cleared the waterfilled sky and boosted up the right atmosphere even more.

LA SONG was starting up the by now re-energized set, showing the positively changed moods of the band as well. NEVER DONE NOTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE even showed some people trying to crowdsurf (or mocking to do so), while PUMPING ON YOUR STEREO made many umbrellas jump up and down in the right tempo.

After things calmed down a little, RICHARD III did even worse to the condition of the park's lawn, while showstopper CAUGHT BY THE FUZZ definetely meant serious damage to the grass.

But not to 'Grass ofcourse, who played a fine gig after all, partly (or mostly) thanks to the indestructible mood of a persistent audience, wanting to see the band play anyhow! The gig was easily far better than disastrous 9/12 gig at 'Heineken Music Hall', with good sound and great atmosphere. But still nothing can beat small venues like 'Paradiso' or 'Melkweg' in my opinion.

Not even with such a great desert like 'Coldplay' coming up after 'Supergrass'. But that's another site!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 02 July 2003