The Reader Review
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, 14 April 2003

I just love this place
After the disastrous performance at the 'Heineken Music Hall' on Dec 9th 2002, which totally lacked atmosphere, chemistry between band and audience and, due to extreme problems getting at the venue anyhow, a sort of lack of interested audience anyway, the band returned to the place they sound best: the converted church which for decades now houses the stage of 'Paradiso' in Amsterdam.

It was a warm day, so temperatures were more than pleasant when we arrived. Support act 'Smitty' played spiky Alternative rock, which wasn't unpleasant to listen to at all! The hall was halfway full and relaxed. Somewhere around 2100 hours it was the moment lots of the people had been waiting for: 'Supergrass' entered the stage and were welcomed with a very loud round of applause from a sold out Paradiso.

Opener Za was already started by one of the roadies and sounded as being played quite slow! This impression lasted throughout the show, which was very relaxed.
Rush Hour Soul was followed by slightly re-arranged Mansize Rooster, which had accelerated chorus parts and Strange Ones, on which the audience reacted excitedly, singing along loudly.

Seen The Light and the Gaz sung Brecon Beacons switched back to the latest album. Mary was received with great enthusiasm, after which Pumping On Your Stereo caused another outburst of energetic clapping and dancing on the floor in front of the stage. Danny removed his shirt, revealing a small, though unmistakably present belly. Meanwhile, the mood got even better, when Grace (where Danny succeeded in disabling his Hi-hat) and all time favourite Sun Hits The Sky were on.
Then Mick handed over his bass and backing vocals duties to Gaz and played guitar while singing lead on Evening Of The Day.

After switching back, Funniest Thing was followed by oldie Lose It.
Then Mick took back over lead vocals on rumoured new single La Song and last years 7" only single Never Done Nothing Like That Before.
More heavy guitars were played during Richard III and Lenny. Then the band left the stage, causing the audience to cheer, clap, whistle and stamp their feet, in order to get an encore.

The encore started with Moving and ended with usual show stopper Caught By The Fuzz. Gaz threw his guitar on stage, while Danny tumbled over the drumkit and handed out a tom and crash-cymbal on standard to the audience. A hasty action from a roady saved both objects from delighted fans, who almost immediately tried to remove all removable parts as a souvenir.
This way, one of the best 'Supergrass'-gigs I've ever seen ended.

I'm very curious whether the band is able to achieve the same on July 1st, when they play the 'Goffert Park Stadium' in Nijmegen, together with Coldplay and Live.

Finally, I must give a big 'Thank You' to Judy and Esther, the 'Coat-guards' of the 1st floor, for lending me their pen! Hope to see you again soon!

Leo Hoek van Dijke - 15 April 2003