The Reader Review
Limelight, Belfast, 12 October 2002

The third gig of the tour and we hope Supergrass continue as they began.
The Limelight was packed as the Libertines blasted through an hours set. Quite excellent, the three front men in jeans and tight leather jackets and a powerhouse of a drummer! Excellent support for Supergrass: the Libertines will go a long way.
Supergrass played 11 songs from "Life on Other Planets", only leaving "Canít get up" from the set. For those old timers who want the traditional Supergrass sound this was no bad thing as we also got 6 oldies and the new songs work perfectly. Ending the set on "Run" was a brillaint ending to the set. The encore of "Fuzz" was ended by Danny crowd surfing into the mass of fans who were loathe to hand him back to the bouncers. Gaz as usual drenched in sweat with a new guitar to add to the suite; Mickey taking guitar and lead vocals on Evening of the Day; Rob seen checking the crowd out behind the bar and a genius with the keys.
One wonders how they can get any better.

Alastair Ruffell - 13 October 2002