The Reader Review
Mary b-sides

Pumping On Your Stereo (Live from Peel Acres)
Strange Ones (Live from Peel Acres)

Mary performed very badly for Supergrass. I think it got to number 40. Ouch. They spent a lot of time and money on a video that was banned by most music programmes too. Double Ouch. No surprise then that a fourth single from X-ray never materialised. Had Faraway or Jesus Came..been released I fail to see them having fared any better. These are really good live tracks but I do wish Strange Ones had been replaced by a less familiar live song (Lenny and Caught By The Fuzz were played for certain).

Mary (Live From Peel Acres)
Richard III (Live From Peel Acres)
Sun Hits The Sky (Live From Peel Acres)

The live version of Mary is really the stand out on these two discs. All the tracks are rocking and show how tight and dynamic the band have become.

Ross Thomas - 21 March 2002