The Reader Review
Pumping On Your Stereo b-sides

You'll Never Walk Again 7/10
A curious little ditty, notable for it's constant swearing, mandolin solo and football themed lyrics. The music is actually really good and probably should have been saved for a more serious song but nonetheless this is a great idea. At the time Danny told Radio 1 about the song he said "You're gonna get your funny head kicked in" which had me in stitches.

Sick 9/10
Rocking! This even appeared on a free cd with Rock Sound, not bad for a B-side. A really powerful chorus and an inspired ELO style solo all add up to a track so good that it really should have replaced some of the lesser songs on X-Ray i.e. Jesus Came From Outta Space. First Class - Ahhaa!

What Shame 8/10
Glam rock? Is there no end to the diversity? Ringo sings this one - ooops sorry, Danny. A feel good song with a tight arrangement and a corking solo. Cool slide guitar too!

Lucky (No Fear) 5/10
I really don't like this song much. Again it ventures into something Menswear might have done or one of the other Britpop has-beens. The lyrics are amusing " You've got a real nice place but I'm off my face" and the music in the chorus is really inventive, but overall it sounds too cheesy. Mickey sings this one and the chorus is very reminiscent of Jesus Came From Outta Space which he also sings on. It's unfair to have a go at Mickey for his songwriting when Odd? and Mama & Papa are such great songs and who knows what else he's written on the numerous other classics? I just think this and Melanie Davis are a bit cheaper than they should allow.

Ross Thomas - 21 March 2002