The Reader Review
Late In The Day b-sides

We Still Need More (Than Anyone Else Can Give) 9/10
If this was a taster of things to come then WOW! Great tune and Beach Boys harmonies. Must have been hard to not save this for the next album. Funktastic middle eight. Full marks too for the natty poster included with this disc.

*Note: There is a Dust Brothers produced version of this song on The Dead Man On Campus soundtrack. It's substantially different and actually superior to the B-side version IMHO.

It's Not Me (Demo Version)
A nice opportunity to hear Gaz do a stripped down version of this Pet Sounds inspired ballad.

Don't Be Cruel 7/10
Really good groove from Danny on this bluesy track. The verses are nice and soulful but the chorus lacks power for some reason. Almost sounds like the producer/engineer has turned down the volume which leaves the song sounding a bit thin when it should kick arse. The outro goes on for a bit too long on the fade out but these are minor gripes... it's a fine song.

The Animal 6/10
Supergrass go dance? Yep. Didn't predict this turn of events! If this is your sort of thing then great, for me I can listen to it and stuff but wouldn't want it on a 'Grass album. 10/10 for experimental courage though!

Ross Thomas - 21 March 2002