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Sun Hits The Sky b-sides

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others 7/10
This single would have charted higher had it appeared as a 2 Parter - the whole scam of making fans buy two singles started with Blur and Country House and then exploded throughout the industry. We did get some very nice postcards (which I hope to get signed one day) and a couple of new B-sides. This Smiths cover originally appeared on a tribute album entitled 'The Smiths is Dead' and having the song here means you don't have to buy the thing - phew. This is simply an ok version of an ok song for me.

Sun Hits The Sky (Radio 1 Evening Session)
Many fans think this is actually better than the album version. It certainly has more energy about it and a great ending. Gaz also sings the opening line more sincerely than on 'Money'.

Ross Thomas - 21 March 2002