The Reader Review
Richard III b-sides

Sometimes I Make You Sad
Obviously this was included so they could then put the following track on the single without confusing people. It's hardly surprising that In It For The Money didn't sell too well initially - if a casual fan heard this song and considered buying an album with it on then they would certainly think twice! I like it but it isn't a great advert for the band.

Sometimes We're Very Sad (unrateable really but very funny)
Hilarious on every listen, this is what Rock'n'Roll is all about "I don't think I can do it man" and "I think you're gonna have to do it on your own" wails a stoned Gaz with the giggles. This should have been on the album after track 12 as a hidden track.

Nothing More's Gonna Get In My Way 8/10
It's hard to express how this song and 20ft Halo made me feel first time round. Needless to say, it confirmed that very soon Supergrass were gonna return with a classic album. I'm sure Gaz sings "F*** You" in between the title line on the chorus - I hope so. Great bassline on this song which really drives it and the vocal arrangement is beautiful on the breakdown.

20ft Halo 8/10
The deep backing vocals are very Bowie, the harmonica is nice, the effect on Gaz's voice is cool - I just can't make out what the lyrics are! The middle section is reminiscent of I Am The Walrus, which is nice.

Ross Thomas - 21 March 2002