The Reader Review
Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion, 28 October 2000

On a very cold October night in San Bernadino, Supergrass hit the stage at exactly 7:30 pm. They started their set with "Mary", and judging by the cheer of the crowd at the end of the song, Supergrass was welcomed.
The crowds' energy was raised when "Strange Ones" kicked the show into higher gear. After a brief pause, Gaz thanked the crowd for coming out in such cold weather. "Lose It" was then followed by "Time". One of the highlights for Supergrass fans came when Mick took over on vocals for "Beautiful People". The band, by this time, had grabbed everyone's attention, Gaz was hitting every vocal note along with Mick and Danny was his usual hyper self on drums. Gaz introduced the next song as a Kenny Rogers tune, which was "Condition". It was obvious by the cheers of the crowd that "Pumping On Your Stereo" was the song the crowd was highly anticipating. Supergrass slowed the pace down with "Odd" only to kick it up again with "Richard III". When the show seemed to be getting better, Gaz announced his farewell to the crowd and thanked them once again. Upon saying his good-bye's, they roared right into the rocking "Lenny" with an unusual long intro. They extended the song with a brief jam that kicked right into "Caught By The Fuzz". Gaz graciously bowed to the crowd upon leaving the stage and there it was, Supergrass doing it again, entertaining their fans and I'm sure leaving them wanting more, as well as gaining new fans. Supergrass was superb on a night when they could have easily been the headliners.

Pedro Sandoval - 01 November 2000