The Reader Review
Lansdown Road, Dublin, Ireland, 08 July 2000

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, there were skag heads, there were supergrass fans.
I bought my oasis ticket in december thinking of supersonic and cigarettes and alcohol, and my god, then that album came out.
Thank god for supergrass, it wasnt wasted money.
We didnt even know, right up to the minute that it was only supergrass supporting, the happy mondays were rumoured to be around... but when the rain sheets came off the drum kit, I noticed Danny's shiny silver pearl drum kit with 'the dudes' on it, I was so excited, I almost came... well, anyway I was excited. Then Gaz appeared. Oh those mighty sideburns, we worshipped them he bowed to the crowd with his cheeky humbleness and they kicked into Moving.
The crowd appreciated it all, even though the levels were a bit low, being support and all... my personal favourites, Caught By The Fuzz and Sick were rippin' renditions that got the whole stadium thumping and Danny was pumping those drums like a bitch.
If you thought album tracks are once off, best of the takes, then get Supergrass live, polished, gritty, true and rocking are the only words for it.
Mary ("I've got a girl and her name is mary, I like to FUCK her on a basis daily") got a huge cheer Pumping On Your Stereo (it's almost a Dublin anthem cos of a radio stations ads.) at the end, the crowd was still singing the words, and then the music stopped and there was another cheeky bow from Gaz.

After a few songs, Gaz entered into conversation with the pit, and Sun Hits The Sky was decided upon.

What can I say, it was my first supergrass experiance, I worship the ground Danny spits on, I cant wait to get to a concert that they're headlining... they deserve it.

And oh yeah, oasis came on and there was some sort of 'rock and roll' but supergrass, they is all that and a bag of chips.
Mmm chips.

Bernard - 09 July 2000