The Press Article
Interview with Mick Quinn
At the City Life Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand

Q: Where did the name Supergrass come from?
A: We spent about a year before we had the name Supergrass. We did a gig as Theadore Supergrass and realised it wasnít that good but had a really good review from it. We thought weíd better keep the name so people would come back. So we just trimmed it down to Supergrass.

Q: What did Supergrass do for the millennium?
A: Not a lot. Danny went to Caribbean and swanned it about. I went to Gazís house and we got really drunk on the beach and I went to bed about 12:30am!

Q: On this tour, are you going to play mainly the new album with a couple of classics thrown in?
A: No it tends to be a mixture of all three (albums) really. Itís just essentially the ones that we can play well really. At the moment our set list is incredibly strong and it tends to be a bit of the greatest hits.

Q: What sort of relationship do Supergrass have on tour?
A: Weíre fairly close to the crew. Itís just twelve people out abroad basically, having a good time. There are a few squabbles where people get pi**ed off or whatever and donít talk but we all get on. Itís not a problem.

Q: What music do you listen to?
A: (Mick produces a bag of CDs). This is no representation of my own style of music listening. I have David Gilmoreís Solo Album from 1971, Hosť Callisiano and ĎFamilyí.

Q: Did you expect the reaction you got to the ĎMaryí video?
A: To an extent. I didnít expect them to go completely overboard. Obviously we were aware that it wasnít going to appear on kidís TV but we thought after the 9pm watershed it would be fair enough to watch it. We didnít make that video to be banned but it was supposed to have some shock value to it.

Q: Youíve played very large gigs in Europe. Is it nice to come to countries like New Zealand and play to smaller crowds?
A: Yeah. Itís a lot easier. Obviously, weíve played a lot more smaller gigs than we have big gigs. Itís nice to play to 400 people. I wouldnít do it in my sleep because Iíd enjoy it too much. That is so much fun because you can look in to everybodyís eyes.
It took us a long time to learn how you play to more than 1000 people.

Q: Whatís next for Supergrass after the World Tour?
A: Iíve got to paint the bathroom. Just take it easy. Reacquaint myself with my children. Thereís never any hard fast rules about when we come back with a new record. It takes as long as it takes. As long as the cash doesnít run out and I can still pay the rent.

Q: Are your children used to their dad going away for periods of time?
A: Well, as much as someone who worked on an oil rig would be. Itís not the most pleasant thing but I do ring them up a lot when Iím away. They donít take what I do very seriously, which is good. They just take the pi** a lot. Theyíre more interested in listening to Robbie Williams than Supergrass and good luck to them!

Alan Travers, - 03 March 2000