The Press Article
Forum, Melbourne, Australia - 22 February 2000

Things get pretty serious as soon as Supergrass hit the stage. Moving, from their latest album, begins proceedings with a definite bang. This is polished, note-for-note musicianship. Despite the somewhat muddled sound guitars hum along perfectly, sparks fly from the drum kit and the vocals are so good it sounds like someone's put the CD on instead. But this is where the problem lies. Technically, this is great. But it fails to come from the heart. Instead, we get a band that's been on the road for way too long and showing signs of definite boredom.
Of course, there are highlights. Mary is cracking live. While Pumping On Your Stereo swings like a good '70s record. And then there are the classic Supergrass tracks. Lenny and Tonight are fire-hot; while Sun Hits The Sky and Going Out is pure ear candy. The biggest cheer, however is reserved for Caught By the Fuzz, which we get as an encore.
Fans with memories of their blistering Big Day Out appearance from a few years back would have been best served if they had simply stayed away from tonight's gig. For the rest, well there's always next time.

Anastasia Safioleas, INPRESS - 01 March 2000