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What's On The Rider?


What state of mind do you like to board the stage in, a Zen trance or wired to the max?
Danny: "We used to enjoy being really wired and into doing silly things. But now it's just a couple of drinks beforehand."
Gaz: "It's handy to pace up and down a lot. This is how I achieve inner peace. Oh, and smoking lots of fags."

What's the limbering up procedure?
D: "When we were younger our manager used to get us to do star jumps before the show! We don't do those anymore."
Rob: "One thing we've learnt is not to smoke too much weed before going on."

What's the preferred tipple for a gig?
G: "Danny likes the vodka, Mick enjoys a glass of quality red wine, myself and Rob prefer a nice cool beer."

What's your favourite song on the new album to rock out to?
R: "'Rush Hour Soul' off the new album is a real rocker, it reminds me a bit of Iggy."
D: "It's funny, the new album is quite raw and there are there's about six to eight songs which will be fantastic live, whereas there were only four to five on the others."

What would make the perfect gig for you?
G: "Having loads of friends there would make it a good night, and the audiences reactions help a lot."

Ever had a really bad gig?
D: "Not really, just some comical ones. When you've got a nasty hangover you sometimes just can't play and you all end up laughing 'cos it's so stupid."

Have you ever succumbed to temptation on tour?
D: "Of course, when we started out we were only 15 or 16 and going on tour at that age was fatal. But now you just know when you're pushing it, we all help each other out if one of us is going off the rails a bit."

So, what's on the rider?
R: "Bananas and milk, a great energy provider."
D: "Maybe a couple of bottles of Champagne."
Gaz: "And not forgetting a crate of Advocaat and our body weight in crinkle cut beetroot."

The album Life On Other Planets is out now

Nina Lawson, X-Ray - November 2002