The Press Article
'Grassed Out Of Their Skulls

The launch party for the new Supergrass album Life On Other Planets was 'ahem', truly out of this world.

IT WAS THE hottest ticket town had seen for quite some time and for once, the event lived up to the hype. Not only because of the stellar line up of guests packed inside London's swanky CC Club in Piccadilly, but because of those on stage paying homage to their hosts with a Supergrass uber-karaoke.
The event was organised by Pearl, Mrs Danny Goffey, who told X-Ray she was delighted at such a huge turnout. As well she should have been. Those showing their love for The Grass (and the free booze) included rock groupie par excellence Anita Pallenberg, Damien Hirst, Xfm's Zoe Ball, Sara Cox, Kylie's e James Gooding, who looked like he needed a damn good wash, Meg Matthews, with skin an alarming shade of butterscotch Angle Delight, and her partying partner Fran Cutler. Also partying hard were Brett Anderson and Matt Osman from Suede, Rhys Ifans, who X-Ray accidentally fell into on the way to the bar (ah, the curse of free wine) and other nu-Brit luvvies to the tune of Nick Moran, Johnnie Lee Miller, Sadie Frost, Jude Law, Samantha Morton, Jon Simms and Sean Pertwee. Jay Kay made an appearance looking discombobulated and scuffed around the edges, and the Cooper Temple Clause were clearly having a stupid haircut competition.
Others bumping into each other and nicking free lollies from the bogs included representatives from Radiohead who weren't Thom Yorke, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Keith Flint from Ver Prodge.
Celebrity on stage Supergrass tributes in front of glitter curtains and an aged end-of-the-pier style band apeing The Grass came from Pearl, who sang 'Alright', former Rialto frontman Louis Elliot doing 'Moving', former Tricky collaborator Martine Topley-Bird covering 'Mary', Ed Harcourt crooning 'Late In The Day', The Electric Soft Parade with 'Sitting Up Straight', The Libertines rollocking through 'Don't Lose It' and Graham Coxon lolloping through 'Richard III' - while being heckled with shouts of 'where's your band gone?'. Supergrass themselves crowned the evening by playing a surprise set of 'Grace', 'Rush Hour Soul', 'Caught By The Fuzz' and 'Funniest Thing'.
The party rocked, Supergrass rocked, in fact the only thing that didn't rock were the dwarves who took charge of a reasonably embarrassing charity raffle, for which very few party goers put hand in pocket. Come on you tight arses! Free booze, a great party hosted by one of the UK's finest upstanding bands of recent years and some people can't be arsed to buy a raffle ticket. What is the world coming to?

X-Ray - November 2002