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Caught By The PC

Gaz and Mickey Supergrass haven't been slacking - they've become mystic barbarians for new video game Silver

The newest PC game from Infogrames Entertainment (the people who brought you Mission: Impossible) is an "epic adventure" named after a diabolical sorceror, Silver, "set in a magical world of imps, wizards, heroes, villains, damsels and witches".
If it all sounds like something of exclusive interest to prog rock fans, be aware that Gaz Coombes and Mickey Quinn from Supergrass have broken cover to contribute character voices for the sword-weilding rebel heroes John and Ben, who say things like "Aw! How come I get Ben?" and "You should be grateful, you could have been stuck with Fat Bob" to each other.
So why choose the boys for pixelation? "We knew Mickey anyway," said a spokesman at Infogrames, "but also because one of the characters had enourmous sideburns."
"It's not everyday you get asked to join a group of rebels to take on the forces of evil," says Mickey. Danny Goffey, who modestly sat out the recording but is present in spirit, continues, "We did it because we thought it would be funny and it was a good temporary distraction from work on the album. And despite sounding rather like Michael Caine, Gaz's main worry was that he couldn't help sounding Japanese."
* Silver is out now priced 39.99

Select - May 1999