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Work In Progress

Producer: Supergrass, engineered by John Cornmill
Album Title: 'Cocked'
Track Titles: 'Out Of The Blue', 'Pumping On The Stereo', 'What Went Wrong In Your Head?'
Estimated Release Date: Summer

Danny Goffey: "How long have we been working on this album? All our lives. Or since puberty, at least.
"It's got a lot of rhumba in it, and bad early '80s soul music, and we thought of trying to get Isaac Hayes to do something but we decided that Gaz is going to sing like him so we didn't bother. It's not a deliberate departure, nothing's deliberate, we just don't know what we're doing. We don't know what the sleeve's going to look like but it might have some strange, distorted faces on it. Probably ours.
"We haven't been listening to a great deal of new music because we've been trying to finish the album off, but we had 'The Man Who Sold The World' on last night. We're just sort of jamming, really. Again, it's not deliberate, we just forget to bring stuff to the studio so we're left with nothing to listen to. Having said that, there's been nothing I've heard recently that's made me go 'Fuck!' and that I've played again and again. I like Gomez, and the Beastie Boys' album was good, but I can't think of anything I really liked from last year.
"I suppose my commitment to Lodger is sort of on hold at the moment, but I think they'll probably be doing another album some time later this year. I went on tour with them recently. Just getting drunk and watching them play was quite good fun. I haven't really been to any other gigs in a while.
"We just had our photos taken for a Christmas card the other day. That was really stupid. We went to this pub down the road and put these really massive jumpers on and got some brandy glasses and stood by the fireplace pulling stupid faces. We're doing a free CD for the fan club as well, a pisstake of something. Possibly a punk version of 'Once in Royal David's City'.
"We're not really in any sort of hurry to get the album finished at the moment, we're just spending time getting everything sorted. Last time we rushed things and we're not going to make that mistake again.

Select - February 1999