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In It For The Money(Capitol)
3 stars

"In It for the Money" showcases a snotty Brit-pop trio that has grown up and discovered the advantages of musical understatement. Although not as relentlessly grabby as the band's acclaimed 1995 debut, "I Should Coco," this disc at least finds Supergrass taking chances, dropping bold experimental bits between its accessible refrains: "Sun Hits the Sky," one of several post-psychedelic explorations, begins with a skyscraper-sized theme sung by vocalist Gaz Coombes and finishes in a subdued calm, with a hypnotic instrumental excursion that veers ever so close to '70s jazz fusion. There are other surprises: the straightforward crunch of "Tonight," the march-like cadences of "G-Song," the effortless chorus of "Cheapskate." Although Coombes' pop sense keeps even the heaviest lyrics buoyant, it's the rhythm section -- which constantly executes hairpin turns, changing the mood between beats -- that makes this an exciting, nuanced experience.

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