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That not-very-difficult-at-all third album.
Don't mention the sales.



Spielberg apparently wanted to turn them into The Monkees via a television series, but Supergrass are making music comparable - genuinely comparable at times - to The Beach Boys and The Beatles. There is, in fact, more Beatlery here than on any of Oasis's albums.
Supergrass songs, like those of their heroes, are fit to burst with good ideas. The first song here, Moving, is moody, string-laden, a bit glam-rock, a bit funky, and it all fits together seamlessly. When they jam a little on Aeon and Born Again, the sound is as hypnotic as Pink Floyd in their prime.
This is ageless pop music. Shotover Hill's sunshiny harmonies and orchestral rumble carry echoes of Pet Sounds. Jesus Came From Outer Space camps it up like Ziggy-era Bowie. Beautiful People - sung by bassist Mickey Quinn - is their very own The Ballad Of John & Yoko.
Of course, Supergrass are not really as good as The Beatles. Nobody is probably, but that's not the point. These little herberts from Oxford get closer than most.

Paul Elliott, Q - October 1999