The Press Article
Gaz Coombes - embarrassed by his best festival experience.

You're playing at V99. Looking forward to it?
Yes, definitely. We've been away a while, so we're really up for it. We've been practising loads. We should be on fire by the time we hit the stage.

Literally on fire?

Will you be featuring lots of new material?
Not lots, but some. We're still working on the album, but we hope to play about four or five new tracks. We'll see how it goes. If the reception's unfriendly, we'll soon knock out the hits instead.

Do you consider yourselves a good festival band?
To be honest, I consider ourselves a great live band, indoors or out. I remember the last set of gigs we did was with Oasis at Wembley, and we put on a full-on rock-out show. We were brilliant.

Do you enjoy festivals?
Yes, but it's probably more fun as a punter. I remember years ago Danny (Goffey, drums) and I going to Reading and getting completely wankered. No-one knew us then, so there was no problem. These days, our enjoyment is normally confined to the tour bus.

Is it a good chance to catch up with all your pop star friends?
What pop star friends would we be talking about, exactly? We've not met most pop stars, so if we waved to them backstage, they probably wouldn't wave back.

What's your best festival experience?
(Reddens) Well, one particular time sticks out, but I don't want my Mum to read it, so I'd better keep quiet.

Oh, go on. We won't tell.
It concerns me and Danny meeting this mad drummer geezer with no arms. We were a little worse for wear, see, and we ended up, um, in one of the toilets. (Now turns crimson). But nothing dodgy happened, honest. I can't say any more, really, because I know my Mum will be reading this.

Nick Duerden, Q - July 1999