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Supergrass's wackiness wins them a hit and a Steven Spielberg offer
Filmed in the Prisoner village of Portmerrion over two days in April 1995, Alright was the third Supergrass video that Nick Goffey (cousin of the band's drummer Danny) and Don Hawley had made. Influenced by Dick Lester's A Hard Days Night and "surreal ideas about being in bed but being able to go wherever you wanted", the promo captured the Britpop positivism of summer '95 and effectively launched the band into the mainstream. Steven Spielberg was so impressed he flew the band and directors to Hollywood, proposing a Monkees-style TV show. Although musical concerns ensured the project stayed on the drawing board, Hawley and Goffey had fun working out storylines. "We gave them superpowers," recalls Goffey. "Mick's was finding money everywhere. Gaz could lift up cars and stuff without realising it." And Danny Goffey? His cousin smiles knowingly. "He had the incredible ability to lose things."

Rob Leggatt, Q - May 1998