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I Should Coco

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Poptastic first album from Britpop's boldest, most boyish band three years on.

Re-released for a limited period at mid-price, I Should Coco was the brilliant brash 1995 debut of a group who knew that they deserved to do more than just edge their way onto the crowded sides of an overpopulated stage. Despite their timing, Supergrass were never truly a Britpop band - there was always something too formidable about this record's depth and breadth, despite its new wave, punk pop clothes. A clutch of great singles - Caught By The Fuzz, Mansize Rooster and misleadingly cheeky Alright - are joined here by 10 more songs (including the previously US only Lose It) bursting with the kind of high-octane creative verse that three-pieces so often deliver. If anything, it sounds better today than first time around.

David Roberts, Q - February 1998