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They burned it just for you. This month: Supergrass' Gaz Coombes hits the road


You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A millionaire
Queens Of The Stonge Age

(Songs For The Deaf, Interscope, 2002)
It starts off with the sound of a key turning on the iginition, which is perfect for your journey. It's such a rocking tune that you have to play it loud. Really loud.

Crosseyed And Painless
Talking Heads

(Remain In Light, Sire, 1980)
This is probably my favourite Talking Heads song, and it's great to drive to because it's very funky. But it's more of a cruising song rather than an accelerator moment.

San Tropez
Pink Floyd

(Meddle, Hrvest, 1971)
It's got a really blissful sound, like so many Pink Floyd songs. We've spent a lot of time in the South of France recording, so this always reminds me of that. But it's also perfect for when you're crusing through country lanes with the window down.

Me And My Arrow

(The Point!, RCA, 1970)
This is a really funny song about a man travelling with his dog. It captures a sense of adventure. You need songs like that when you're on a road trip.

TVC 15
David Bowie

(Station To Station, RCA, 1976)
It's a singalong. Singalongs are quite common in the Supergrass car.

Only After Dark
Mick Ronson

(Slaughter On 10th Avenue, RCA, 1974)
Thsi has one of the best guitar intros in rock'n'roll. When you hear this you realise how much Mick Ronson brought to Bowie. This gives you a foot-on-the-pedal feeling.

Travilin' Light
JJ Cale

(20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of JJ Cale, Mercury, 2002)
I got into JJ Cale when we were recording Life On Other Planets in the South of France. I remember driving round from beach to beach with a guitar and listening to this. Travilin' Light sounds like it was recorded in a small room. It's so groovy with a great horn section and percussion.

Going Back To My Roots
Richie Havens

(Connections, Elektra, 1980)
This is classic '70s funk. I remember seeing Richie Havens on a Woodstock video where he was playing an acousict guitar, but this is a piano-based funk song and it was a real shock when I realised it was him. It's a great driving song because it grooves. there's a really long intro with a piano riff that gets you moving and the drums keep building. He's got a cool voice too.

Revolution Blues
Neil Young

(On The Beach, Reprise, 1974)
It doesn't matter whether you're driving, travelling on a plane or just walking along: this sounds great when you're on the move. It's brilliant loud through car speakers.

Soulful Lady
Michael Chapman

(Fully Qualified Survivor, Harvest, 1970)
He was a late-'60s funk singer, but he took Mick Ronson into the studio for this. It was an inspiring record for Supergrass because it's acoustic yet retains its strength and power.

Lady Jane And John Coltrane
Gil Scott-Heron

(The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Bluebird, 1974)
We've all been fans of his for a while. He's got an amazing voice and the groove in this is brilliant. It's very stripped down and there doesn't seem to be many instruments going on, but it's infectious.

Military Madness
Graham Nash

(Songs For Beginners, Atlantic, 1971)
Thsi was my favourite album a while ago. It's a real gem, very relaxing to listen to and led by an acoustic guitar. It's perfect in the car when the sun's streaming through the windows.

I'm So Green

(Ege Bamyasi, Mute, 1972)
This is weirdly "up" for Can, because normally they're quite dark. It's so unusual. They weren't inspired by anyone around them.

Bonnie And Clyde
Serge Gainsbourg

(Bonnie And Clyde, Mercury, 1968)
I've never been a massive fan of Serge Gainsbourg, but this is perfect for a road trip because it's nice to feel on the run like Bonnie and Clyde when you're on a journey.

White Punks On Dope
The Tubes

(The Tubes, A&M, 1975)
One to slam the brakes on to. The Tubes were a really good punk band. A classic tune with great chord changes, brilliant vocal meoldy, a great shoutalong anthem. When a female choir comes in at the end, that's when it's time to stop the car.

Q - December 2005