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A song of two halves.
Danny Goffey: "Gaz (Coombes) had these pretty Curtis Mayfieldy chords. Me and Gaz's brother (keyboardist, 'unofficial fourth member') were pratting about with this seperate chorus. When we stuck them together it worked really well. The lyrics is something anyone can relate to. It could be a tramp out on the road. For Gaz it might be about all the hassle he had moving from Oxford to Brighton. We're hoping Pickfords will pick it up for an advert!"

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Supergrass - Mary

CD2 comes with a live version of the title track recorded for Steve Lamacq and two live tracks, Richard III and Strange Ones, recorded at John Peel's house. The first features the album version of Mary and two more "Live at Peel Acres" songs, Pumping On Your Stereo and Sun Hits The Sky.
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The 50 Best Albums of 1999

Meadowlark fresh, not indie but utterly independent.
Fundamentally orthodox, yet exuberant tunesmiths, now less-than-modish Supergrass pack their third album with strong, plain emotion, from the upheavals of moving to the leisured contentment of Born Again. But their second self-production constantly throws up electrifying aural details: a harpsichord in your Love, booming timpani in Shotover Hill, a cello grunting through the intro to Faraway, and everywhere intuitive, unanalysable bondings of basis keyboards, bass, guitar and vocal harmony. horrible sleeve and give-a-toss title offer the usual sales sabotage.
BEST BIT: 0.15 into Pumping On Your Stereo. Intro hookline chant dives into rampant chorus.

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