The Press Article

"Just before we went on stage at The Albert Hall I said to the others, what are we doing here, man? We should be doing our homework or something. It was bizarre..." Young, gifted and, uh, on the attack? All this and more. That was singer Gaz, Man Of Splendid Werewolf Sideburns, babbling on to On back in October. Nary five minutes later, Supergrass were flabbering various gasts with 'Caught By The Fuzz', an inspired slice of pooonk/pop mayhem which garnered a SOTW with desperate ease. Throw in live spectaculars supporting Blur, Ride, Radiohead and Shed Seven and you too will have a threepiece nudging the doorframe of the Flab 40 in a slightly hysterical drunken stupor. Add the odd crazed incident (see labels releasing Supergrass singles that they aren't umm, supposed to, actually, and Gaz's habit of forgetting the lyrics), and it becomes apparent that the 'Grass have the chaotic charm of a perturbed panda wielding an Uzi in a busy suburban shopping centre. Fair play.

NME - 21 January 1995